Chris Mesko, former Cornell University wrestler convicted in Jan on robbery and sexual abuse prices for an event which occurred two years previously, was sentenced to five decades in state jail Friday, then removed from the Ithaca, N.Yurtroom in handcuffs, disturbing quite a few his followers. In late Jan, a County court had convicted Mesko about the two expenses of minute – deadlocked on a rape fee, although degree robbery and sex misuse. On Friday, Decide Joseph Cassidy sentenced the previous student-athlete to five decades on both charges, to become served concurrently. Moreover, Mesko should enroll as being a sex offender and encounter 13 years of article-release direction. ” The Journal” documented the intimate abuse indictment could have feature a phrase of burglary all the way to 15 years, and up to eight years. After sentencing Mesko, if the defendants lawyer expected him to come back, stating that his client was nevertheless on help and did not have to be removed immediately the judge had started initially to leave the courtroom. Shock was expressed by quite a few people in the courtroom as authorities greeted he to be handcuffed by Mesko and consider him into custody, with their disapproval being shouted by a few, according to ” The Voice”. The judge purchased courtroom back into treatment, declaring he had suspended Meskos help, and getting the guilty ex-studentathlete be taken towards the Tompkins County Arrest, where he’ll keep before being inserted to the New York State penitentiary process to provide his sentence. He wasn’t cuffed within the courtroom. Mesko was found guilty of bursting into an off – university condo throughout the early-morning hours of March 30, 2013.

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He was arrested of raping a woman while she slept. After fending off the invasion, the victims girlfriend was able to take a photo of the enemy, then recognized him by visiting Cornells wrestling website. His safety has preserved that a drunken Mesko inserted the space to discover a destination for a rest, and suggested that no inherited research could be discovered that associated Mesko to some sexual transgression. Forensic scientists testified in judge that instant levels of male genetics was found not, although on lingerie and the preyis bra at substantial degrees that were enough to find out whether it belonged to Mesko. Motion that was limited had been observed by a native of Mesko being a Large wrestler in tournaments, wrestling at 184 lbs, based on his Cornell wrestling resource. He pled not guilty to the prices and was indicted in February 2014. Before the test, the ” Sunshine ” pupil paper described that Mesko declined a request option made available from the prosecution, which may have lowered the firstdegree rape charge for a firstdegree sexual abuse fee.